St Mary Catholic Church          4050 S. 3900 W., West Haven, UT 84401


Current Schedules

Current Usher Schedule

Agenda for Ushers

  • Read the bulletin so as to stay informed concerning community functions.
  • Check and follow the schedule. Arrange for your own substitutes. Remember that care, as well as negligence, are both contagious. Decide to care!
  • Arrive at your scheduled mass at least 15 minutes early to receive any updates, or briefings pertinent to the mass.
  • Insure that Ushers cover all entrances. All parishioners should be welcomed, and given any appropriate materials. Bulletins are given out AFTER Mass.
  • Do not seat parishioners during any reading of the scriptures. Hold people in place until the reading is finished. Seat people between readings, or at the beginning of the homily. This will keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Collect the offertory as quickly as possible and arrange the procession to minimize waiting by the celebrant.
  • During the Kiss of Peace and when the Eucharistic Ministers go to the altar, move into pre designated positions to direct the flow of parishioners to Communion. In addition, get a count of parishioners.
  • Hand-out bulletins and other pre-designated materials as the congregation leaves Mass. Stay afterwards to check the pews for litter.

Finally, be aware of other issues

  • Incident response: First Aid, Emergency Phone Numbers (911), finding help, wheel chair (in the Altar Server’s changing room), mentoring other ushers.