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2014 Lenten Retreat - “A Lenten Journey with Mary: Poor in Heart, Hands United”

Speakers: Two Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and a Lay Ecclesial Minister from the Diocese of Salt Lake City.

2013 Lenten Retreat

2011 Lenten Retreat

Retreat Objectives

Retreat: is a withdrawal from ordinary activities to commune with God in prayer, solitude and reflection.

Jesus spent forty days in the desert in prayer and fasting before entering his public ministry (Matt. 4: 1-11). The desert, mountains and other remote areas provide places for prayer (Lk. 4: 1; Lk. 6: 12). Christians always sought, from early times, places like monasteries, and convents to be with God.

Retreat houses were established by the end of the 16th century for people to have retreats. A retreat might be designed around a theme of scripture or some spiritual writing that seems suited to the needs of the individuals involved. There are different kinds of retreats: preached, directed, and private. There is a leader in the preached retreat who offers conferences every day. In the directed retreat individuals meet with the spiritual director to suggest scripture passages for prayer and reflection. And lastly, private retreats are made without a director or leader.

Reasons why people make retreats: to make a serious decision or commitment, to examine their spiritual lives, to hope for a deeper purification, conversion and spiritual growth. Most retreats demand some degree of silence and focus.

Notes From Past Retreats

  • March 19th, 2011 Lent Retreat Notes