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Proclamination of the Word
St. Mary's Lectors

You have the ability as a lector to relate what God is speaking to his people. You make possible human interaction through the sharing of God’s Word as you read from Scriptures. Liturgy of the Word is called “Prayer”. Those serving this ministry proclaim God’s Good News. They call on the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts leading them to prayer and enriching their lives with deeds of faith, hope, and charity.

As proclaimer of the Word we should have a regular form of spiritual preparation. Include in the scriptures you will be proclaiming, the whole chapter so as to understand its content. Ask the Holy Spirit’s assistance in these readings to understand the true meaning of the Word. This prior reflection helps us relate the Word and its importance to the parish when we lecture. The written Word becomes living and active in St. Mary’s daily parish life.

Your manner and dress show you have something important to tell the parish! They are anticipating the presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist! We are expecting Royalty and with sincerity we should dress the role. Your appearance says you have something important to tell the parish! Soon all will be face to face with the Lord Our God!

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Proclamation of the Word

The lector is one who proclaims God’s Word to the assembly. To this end, he or she must be a living Word her-or himself; one cannot proclaim what one does not live. The Word burns within the heart of the lector so that, like Paul, he or she can say “Not I, but Christ in me!”

Characteristics of the Spirituality of the Minister of the Word

  • Regularly and often ponders God’s Word
  • Listens for God’s Word in prayer and through others
  • Reflects on and studies the Scriptures
  • Prays the Scriptures (lectio divina)
  • Practices charity and “elegance” in speech
  • Praise God often and everywhere

Training Offered by the Office of Liturgy

  • Proclaiming God’s Word: Preparing to share the Word of God
  • Spirituality of the Minister of the Word
  • The Importance of Ritual Texts

Unless otherwise noted, these descriptions have been used with permission from the Institute for Liturgical Ministry, Dayton, Ohio. Copyright ©2000. All rights reserved. Adapted for use in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, November 2008.